Project Oversight

Have your own installation crew, need help sourcing plants?

Ahimsa Native Plants & Design is a very small business and this allows us to be flexible and work along side any existing garden, landscape or labor teams you already have assisting you. Actually, we preferer if you have your own team!

All our services are a-la-cart. If you have your own installation labor team but need assistance with laying out the design, sourcing plants and general project oversight, we can do that! We scale our services up or down to ensure a successful installation of the design. 

This is an additional service; the customer will be provided with all details necessary with the design to either do the installation on their own or source their own installation crew.

We are a very small company and will not be able to assist with installing other designers designs at this time.

All services are a-la-cart so to speak. Allowing the customer to work in stages as time and budgets allow.