Developing a Plan.

All projects start with walking and chatting about your goals, vision and use of the space.

Every project will start by taking a walk around your property. During this 60 minute consultation Ahimsa NP&D designer will listen to what your goals are, ask questions to get a feel of where you are in the design process and your journey to improve the ecological services of your property.

We will discuss more than the location and shape of your native plant habitat. The initial property visit will focus on:

  • identifying non-native invasive species and management strategy information
  • identifying native plants of interest that should be preserved and encouraged
  • understanding what non-native plants on the property have special meaning, for example family heirloom iris, peonies, and the like
  • defining goals, setting a time line and outlining a plan framework
  • identifying next steps and discussing level of services

Upon completion of the property walk the client can choose to purchase a customized property research-style write-up. This report is a 10-15 page document providing the client with site specific details, a complete project plan and time line (species list in not included), invasive species management plan, resources for further education on the importance of native plants and other topics discussed that may be unique to your property.

This report-style write-up will deliver to the client necessary information, education, resources, goals and timelines.  No specific species lists are included but sufficient information is provided for the client to get started on their own without design services.  

This is an economical way for the novice to get started, and the first step in any project no matter the size. There will also be sufficient information provided for the DIY property owner to take on the design and installation on their own.

60 minute Consultation – $150

60 minute Consultation + Written Report – $500