Design Services

Designing the garden space

Shape | Plant composition & location | Use | Habitat Type

During the consultation walk we will discuss all aspects associated with designing a native plant garden that meets your needs and vision.

Native plant designs are hand drawn based on-site visit, customer feedback and identified goals.  All designs include the original drawing, one high quality photocopy, excel format plant list (common name, scientific name, and suggested quantity needed), and a pictorial pdf. guide of species listed.  Design will be hand delivered to include a 1-hour presentation.

Ahimsa NP&D primary goal is to increase ecological services through the addition of a variety native plants suited to the site conditions. Efforts are made to include species that are found growing naturally in your county per the Flora of Virginia, priority is given to using the straight species. However, due to limitations in the industry we many not be able to provide the straight species. We also recognize that in a garden or landscaped setting utilizing native cultivars may be necessary to reach the desired goal. All efforts are made to research and understand what characteristic(s) are different from the straight species so we are making an educated decision and maximizing the ecological benefit.

We do not currently have the expertise to design complex hardscapes, if you require this we are happy to provide the soft-scape design to enhance the hardscape.