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Mini Meadow. Mega Mission.

Seed. Soil. Water. Cold. Warm. Germination. Cotyledons. Stem. Leaves. Time. Flower. Seed. The journey to being fully formed is long. The final bloom of a plant is not fully realized until the right things happen in the right order and at the right time. A plant does not try to hurry time but rather accepts…

I have RAMPS!

If everyone got this excited over one little plant just think how much joy we could all feel.RenEE D. Kitt A full year has passed and I have not written a blog sharing all the excitement occurring in Ahimsa Garden. Reason? Life. It’s full of activities that one must prioritize. Yes, that means Ahimsa Garden…

Spring is well under way

“All things flourish and each returns to its source.”Tau te ching ch.16 I am not versed in Taoism but I have found myself over the past 15 years enjoying contemplating some of these concepts. I find them comforting I guess. Feel free to pause, be still and let this one float around you. As someone…

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