Photo take by Renee Kitt 3/27/23

I asked Google to define patience, the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I honestly think a synonym for patience could be “native plant gardener”. If you are like me and genuinely believe we can make a difference for our Mother Earth, you understand the patience that is required of yourself, society, and your garden.

I patiently and gently reminded myself that winter has its positives, its beautiful moments, and I should stay present and look for these things. It is never good to wish way time or life. So, this winter I enjoyed sitting in the garden, bundled in my down, hooded, parka, hot lemon honey water in hand, and enjoyed every moment of this beautiful winter. The morning frost that formed the most delicate ribbon of crystal along the edge of each fallen leaf. Feeling the difference between a damp cold and a dry cold and how each impacted my mood. Noticing how the sound of Rt. 29 was more prevalent without the leaves on the trees, and wondering if the dry cold air allowed the sound to travel further. Enjoying the dim morning light, the quiet of winter as I sat at the bistro table in the garden being present and aware. Not wishing away this time but holding it close, intentionally committing to memory our ritual we shared every day. I knew this would be the last winter I shared with the one who made me feel like I truly mattered, and I was the only human for the job. No, I did not wish away the winter garden I choose to look for a different kind of beauty. Patiently knowing our fate.

The winter garden is so lovely if you just choose to see its purpose, the beauty in the hidden details.

You are still with me every day, just in a different way. My love, I am so glad you found me. I know in my heart Jesus sent you to me because He wanted to watch you become the dog he made you to be. Shelby Lee Kitt I will hold you in my heart, and my memories until we meet again.

Patience. I am realizing this way of being is something that must be actively sought. Here it is spring, and I must remind myself that my seeds will germinate, the sprouts will grow bigger. Stop rushing spring Renee, it was only 7 days ago!! Only 9 weeks ago, 63 days, my life completely changed when I brought home Kiah Birddie River Kitt. Such a short time. Stop rushing her Renee, she will learn to walk on a loose leash!! It’s only been 63 days RENEE!! Where are my Bluebells!! STOP RUSHING SPRING RENEE!! Spring knows when to be in full bloom. Patience.

I invite you to take a slow patient walk with me through Ahimsa Garden to see what plants have just started to push from the earth and pop open their buds. Remembering the word PATIENCE. Don’t wish away time wanting to see a denser lush summer garden. It will come.

Take your time. Look at each picture. Imagine seeing the plant in the wild. Imagine seeing it in your own back yard.

Be Patient. Be Present. Be Aware.

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Creating habitat in the home landscape.

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