Spring is well under way

we see you buddy …

“All things flourish and each returns to its source.”

Tau te ching ch.16

I am not versed in Taoism but I have found myself over the past 15 years enjoying contemplating some of these concepts. I find them comforting I guess. Feel free to pause, be still and let this one float around you.

As someone who needs to be outside to feel good, spring is by far my very favorite of the seasons. I have horrible allergies, that arrived for some reason after 38, but they don’t stop me from being outside as much as I can in the spring.

Wandering the yard looking for the first dark purple green of Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) gently pressing through the soil.

The first slight tinge of yellow green on the Spice Bush (Lindera benzoin) as the little bead shaped buds swell and unfold into happy bursts. I imagine them shouting “SPRING IS HERE, YOU MADE IT”.

I watch with anticipation as neatly formed mounds of Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia) appear almost over night like mini fireworks frozen in time. This is one of my favorite native plants for landscaping. It checks all the boxes we humans have been taught to appreciate; small, compact, mounding, neat growth habit, interesting/pleasing leaf structure, deep green foliage, cream spires bursting with color and interest for the shade garden. It really is lovely and I do see many of my first bumble bees and flies on the spires each spring.

Spring moves forward slowly but never slow enough. Before I know it I am no longer quietly awaiting the return of my plant friends. Rather I am franticly trying to fight off the anxiety of a garden full of non-native growth trying to choke out my beloved natives.

On go my gloves, out comes the cart and I start pulling Chickweed (Stellaria media). Slow and steady wins the race. Thankfully my flock of chickens (Gallus domesticus) chow down on chickweed much like I devour a bag of Route 11 chips! Now that is a win win win win. I pull chickweed, chickens dispose of it saving me from the chore, and turn it into eggs. Can’t beat that.

Now that it is May 21st, 2021 and we are just a short month away from the Summer solstice which just happen to be my BIRTHDAY this year, I thought I should finally put a few photographs out to show how Ahimsa Garden is doing 12 months after installation. ENJOY!

  • Ramps, Wild Leeks (Allium tricoccum)

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