Presenting Ahimsa Garden

Photo Credit: Elise Tindle – Linden Chase Seyval 5/9/2009 – 6/3/2020 (born in 2007)

Hello friends. This is my very first blog post, along with my very first attempt to create a website. I must admit I find pulling on a pair of well worn work boots, sliding my hands into soft leather gloves and stooping over to begin a few hours of pulling invasive plants much easier! That said, please join me in this adventure.

Q: Why did I start a website and blog?

A: I have been a citizen scientist for over 20 years with an interest in the concept of using native plants in the home landscape. I remember when I got started in 2000 how overwhelming it was. I wanted to do the right thing, but all I knew was I should plant native plants. I didn’t know where to get them, if they were native, and if it was the right plant for the conditions. I could see where the average homeowner would not know where to begin. I was already plugged into the environmental movement via my schooling and my volunteer work so I was able to seek out help and collect resources. Remembering this, 20 years later I thought I would use technology to share what I have learned, continue to learn and the many bloopers that I have learned to laugh about. Also, in 2019 I applied to and received a Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) grant for a rather large native plant installation and as part of that I wanted to share the process for others to learn from and be inspired by.

Please take a moment to read over the website to learn more about me, this project and Ahimsa Garden. And don’t forget to sign up to received blog post notifications.

Published by Ahimsa Native Plants & Design LLC

Creating habitat in the home landscape.

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